Experience the world’s first alternative CVT innovations patented across the globe. Successfully developed and tested for low cost manufacturing, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions to minimise environmental impact.

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ROTORcvt is the flagship invention of Varibox with the first patent filed in 2005. This product is a pure mechanical two stage ratcheting CVT functioning on a positive mechanical engagement and totally divorced from dynamic friction. Read more


icvt by Varibox is suitable for any high torque and power application where variable speed is required. It is a purely mechanical incremental CVT in which the ratio is adjusted in increments (typically 64 ratios) without any power interruption. Read more


RADIALcvt is the latest invention by Varibox. RADIALcvt is a multi, parallel power path CVT with only one steel on steel friction drive interface in each path. Read more


Varibox currently has 3 protected CVT innovations that are patented across 13 countries globally. The ROTORcvt and icvt have been proven under load via tested prototypes and various simulations. The RADIALcvt has been in development since 2015 and provides a unique configuration in friction drive CVT technology


Competitive advantage through protected global patent
Level 4 patent
Prototype-proven and tested under load
Cost efficiency in manufacture
Licensing agreements include full consultation and service agreement
Application in Industrial, OPE, Automotive and Commercial vehicles

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Varibox is driving a change in the way that CVT technology is applied in the Industrial, OPE, Automotive and Commercial Vehicle sectors. Take a tour to see how ROTORcvt, icvt and RADIALcvt is applied in different industries.

  • OPE - Enhanced performance and lower cost
    Enhanced performance and lower cost
  • Automotive - High mechanical efficiency and reduced emissions
    High mechanical efficiency and reduced emissions
  • Commercial Vehicle - Unlimited power and torque advantages
    Unlimited power and torque advantages


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The Variglide continuously variable transmission from Dana

The Current Status of Commercial CVTs in Global Production

This month we examine current trends in the global CVT industry through the evaluation of CVTs at various stages of production by established manufacturers Dana, Torotrak, Bosch, LUK and German-based engineering establishment GIF-E.

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Main components and function of the RADIALcvt

RADIALcvt-The Ultimate Commercial CVT

Current commercial CVT's in the passenger vehicle market face criticism for being laden with inherent deficiencies like hydraulic control losses, friction drive losses, high manufacturing costs, high contact stresses requiring special materials, as well as being heavy, which results in expensive and heavy CVT solutions which are not sufficiently viable in small vehicles below 50 kW. For this reason, Varibox CVT Technologies Pty (Ltd) developed the RADIALcvt, a multi-parallel power path type of CVT that consists of only one steel-on-steel lubricated friction drive interface in each power path.

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RADIALcvt components and function

International Search Authority Endorses SA CVT Innovation to Advance in Patent Process

SA based Intellectual Property firm optimistic following ISA’s acknowledgement of patent novelty. In a written opinion accompanying the ISA (International Search Authority) search report, the PCT examiner could not find any existing prior art, similar to the unique configuration used in the RADIALcvt.  

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Varibox is committed to a partnership model that will benefit the licensee to achieve maximum return on investment. We recognise the value of entering into agreements with like-minded companies who are passionate about challenging conventional wisdom in order to lead the way in CVT innovation, cost efficiency for the end user and a greener future.

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