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Varibox CVT Technologies is an intellectual property company, specializing in the development of alternative positive drive CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) concepts.  It is within the company's business model to invent and patent new positive drive CVT concepts and prove the concepts via tested prototypes. Thereafter the technology is licensed to interested parties.  Therefore the company does not venture into the production of transmissions. The company has successfully developed and tested a unique CVT concept namely the RotorCVT, which is currently being marketed.



Varibox CVT Technologies uses an in house developed system to realize its intellectual property.
CVT concepts are conceptualized and refined on 3D CAD while simultaneously in house patent searches are performed to


RotorCVT : towards a more cost effective,fuel-efficient future

Poised to become one of the most important discoveries in the search for cost effective,  low fuel consumption and reduced emissions in the small


The RotorCVT is an internationally patented, prototype-proven, technology available world-wide through Varibox CVT Technologies, for licensed applications.

Varibox CVT Technologies does not manufacture or distribute